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DJ’s Guide for Live Streaming | |


  • Use Twitch for streaming. Facebook Live and Instagram will both cut your stream if they detect copyrighted material.

  • FYI - there are two types of music blocks on live:

  • Copyrighted music is flagged algorithmically (using some tech that is probably similar to Shazam).

  • Music product restrictions - this is if there is too much concentrated music in a stream (8 matches of 45 second or more in one hour). The best way to avoid issues is not stream things you don't have the rights to (DJ sets are an example). Or if it you are the producer, you should contact their label / distributor to whitelist your FB page or profile.


There are two options: a) your phone or b) webcams and a laptop with OBS Studio. Option b gives you more control but requires more gear.

Option A: Phone

This can be used if you are using a compatible mixer that is able to connect to the DJM-REC app.


  • USB to your phone cable


  • DJM-REC on your phone

  • Twitch app on your phone


  1. Connect your phone to your mixer

  2. Open the DJM-REC app and get it to recognize master signal from your mixer

  3. Switch directly to the Twitch App. The sound should now be coming from the mixer

Option B: Laptop/Desktop with External Sound Card


  • 1-3 webcams for video

  • A good standard is the Logitech HD Pro Webcam C920

  • External sound card or interface to pipe the sound back into your computer (assuming your laptop does not have a mic input)

  • Something that lets you plug in a 3.5mm mic cable or similar (like this)

  • RCA to 3.5mm (or whatever your sound card takes) to go from REC-OUT or master 2 to your sound card


  • OBS Studio


  • Plug the master or rec-out of your mixer into your external sound card.

  • Install any drivers you may need for your sound card.

  • In OBS, add a video input capture for each webcam and position it how you would like.

  • Add an audio input capture and select the input that corresponds with your sound card.

Twitch Settings

Head over to<your_twitch_name>/settings/channel and use these settings:

Copy your Primary Stream Key and save it somewhere. You’ll need it later.

Be sure to select “Store past broadcasts” if you would like to download the VOD afterwards.

Note: Twitch will eventually mute portions of your VOD for copyright infringement, so if you want to save your broadcast be sure to download it ASAP after you are done broadcasting.

OBS Settings

Be sure your computer mic is muted. You don’t want that.

Adjust the slider so your volume peaks near the middle of the red section (it doesn’t seem like it clips at all in the reds, you’ll be fine).

Set up your stream settings. Remember that key stream key you saved earlier? Paste it in here now.

Configure your stream quality settings. I would set your video bitrate to at least 3500, but you could go much higher if you have ample upload bandwidth with your ISP.

Set your resolution to 1280 x 720 and FPS to 30.

OK… now we stream

One thing to note is that Twitch will go live as soon as you start streaming to it. If you want to test without any eyes on you, use Facebook Live. Just don’t hit “Go Live” and you can verify that your stream is correct. Don’t forget to change back your stream key to your Twitch one.

Now spin some good tunes and don’t fuck up :)

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