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Drew Proud is an NYC-based house and techno DJ / producer and contributor to the sound and art community collective Rapture.

His unique and melodic blend of house, emphasizing groovy basslines and playful melodies ignites dance floors to groove to his sounds, leaving them wanting more.

He regularly shares his sounds in NYC for groups such as I FEEL, GRAYMATTRS, Ebb + Flow, Pew Pew, and Hot Situations in venues like Zerospace, Nublu, Amaya, Williamsburg Hotel, Paper Box and Rubulad.


He has also performed at Burning Man (Lucy Snail Art Car, Butt Disco, 17 Virgins) and internationally from house music hot spots like Tulum and Berlin to festivals in Bermuda.

Apart from working on his own productions and sharing music he loves, he spends his time as a mentor for upcoming artists through the Rapture collective.

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